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Compscore2 Modifications List

The latest build is available from the Compscore2 Latest Build page.

Compscore2 is a very stable program. Development is ongoing and the great majority of the below items are enhancements rather than bug fixes. Very rarely are software bugs encountered in the field, and when they are, they are addressed immediately and a new build is made available on this web site.

New features recently added to Compscore2 include:

  • Improved timer functionalty
  • Import deal files from BRI, TXT and PBN (including makeables where available), with option to print hand record and make PDF
  • Hot-swapping bridgemate settings during a session
  • Support for 2017 New Zealand masterpoints
  • Board mapping
  • Teams events - full Pair Datum Management added
  • Handicaps can now optionally appear on the results page and web site, and can be included as part of Quick Finalise
  • Show outstanding boards or slow tables for current round or session, with colour highlighting slow tables (button on Reports tab)
  • Score normal sessions by Butler (imps)
  • Can import BRI file into session, offering enhanced anomaly checking based on actual hands (Advanced button on Setup tab, then Deal Files)
  • Streamlined web upload process - one click does it all (activate under Setup | Preferences | Web)
  • Masterpoints wizard - user can choose file name, and there's now a built-in masterpoints file viewer
  • New report - Total Green Points Report - can be run for any period

... and of particular interest to congress directors:

  • Bi-directional swiss pairs
  • New percentage-based masterpoints option supported
  • Live teams results display on web site
  • Scoring methods now include matchpoint, butler, cross-imps, matchpoint to VPs, and teams by imps, VPs or point-a-board
  • Option to print Teams Results in lansdscape, listing all match results to date, also new large-print Teams Results report
  • Substitute management in Pairs and Teams events - simplifies masterpointing
  • Walk-in Swiss Pairs and Swiss Teams, where field can be entered via Bridgemates and without the need for pre-entry
  • Show event results and draw on data projector
  • Leaders Butler
  • Enhancement to Timer (under Processing menu)
  • More flexiblity in pair and team seeding area

... plus many more minor improvements


  • Ability to create export CSV file for Nationwide Pairs that excludes the new footer records. (Make the export file by clicking Export to Text/CSV File and answer Yes in the dialog box that follows.)


  • Minor tweaks


  • In Live Results, "incomplete" label now honours setting to suppress this from for printed results.
  • Bug fix re showing hands on Bridgemates
  • VPs now show decimals on crosstab results report when new ABF Pairs scale used
  • Tweaks to session names export
  • Minor other fixes and improvements


  • Option to suppress percentages under 40% on printed results now carried through to live results display.
  • Categories suppressed on web site export when option not checked in Compscore2.


  • Option to show template on Setup screen for Mitchell mevement as currently exists with Howells and SSTs.
  • Tweaks to Team snapshot
  • Session's live results display - percentages under 40% now suppressed
  • Option for additional message to be added to the initial draw when sent by SMS.
  • Tweak to triangle selection when dropping out a team such that the field size is reduced to an odd number.


  • Tweak NZ Player database import routine.
  • Tweak to "swap seats" option in Pairs session.
  • Test button on Auto Reports Viewer to test if remote PC connections are alive.
  • Tweaks for matchpoints-to-VPs for NZ users
  • Support for new ABF Scale for Imp Pairs added - on Pairs Event Setup page, untick "New WBF Scale [ ]" and select appropriate ABF Scale from dropdown.


  • Enhancements to Results by Pairs form in sessions and matches
  • Tweaks to NZ draws calculations in Pairs events
  • In Cross-imp Pairs events, either Imps or VPs can be shown in the match columns for the cross table Results Report, bringing it in line with teams, butler and matchpoint results reports.


  • Further mods to sending Draws / Results by SMS
  • Further modifications for support Bridge Pals table top devices
  • Tweak to match by match results for Matchpoint-to-VP event


  • Modify XML export to allow for eCats Sim Pairs format (include eCats Session ID in web export box)
  • Tweak to NZ Calendar events when making Multi for event with no masterpoints


  • Tweaks to including hand record details in XML file
  • Fix crash when sending event SMSs after a pair has been dropped out of the field
  • When manually scoring a session, after ticking average, the default of "50/50" is offered, rather than nothing.


  • Mods to the web site presentation of Pairs Events that are scored using the Wallace scale.


  • In Teams Event masterpoints, if it looks looks like a GNOT heat, there's a warning about outright points not applying except for area finals.


  • In Pair Event Substitutes area, up to 25 matches are now managed (previously 20).


  • Option to send SMSs to players of draws, results also supports red point events


  • Option to send SMSs to players of draws, results for gold point events
  • Option in sessions to swap North and South around, likewise East and West.
  • Fix to expected PBN format.
  • Tweak to Teams event using McManus triangle when re-printing initial draw after event has started.
  • Option for new ABF "semi-random" Swiss draw added


  • Problem loading hand records into BWS file now resolved.


  • Swiss Pairs event - can now print initial seating by table, even after Match 1 has been created.
  • Tweaks to NZ Masterpoints
  • Anomalies test - passed in test is now greater than 12 HCP (formerly 11)
  • Tweak to Knockout Teams WDL calculations
  • Tweaks to XML exports
  • Changes to data structure to handle the limitations caused by January's Microsoft Windows update.


  • Right-click option to flip NS/EW Pair Numbers in session results grid in one-winner movements.
  • NZ masterpoints for teams event wins now shared across team members who played
  • Option to show warning label on main screen when there are web CSVs to upload
  • Mods to Pianola XML exports.
  • Option to populate ABF Masterpoints database with club numbers - useful for unaffiliated clubs who want to set up teams and swiss pairs events.
  • In Teams/Pairs events, option to remove category from pairs in A category.


  • Progress teams results can be sent to Bridgmates for each new match.
  • Tweaks to BCS interface to adjust for new one-winner / two-winner field in BWS file.
  • Tweaks to first place outright calculation in some teams events.
  • Club Membership - option to have separate home and away levies and to exclude separate disclosure of state / ABF levies on renewal forms.
  • Option to show separate NS/EW fields when printing initial seating in Pairs session.
  • Option to have "night" added to session name and to set starting time.


  • Option to hide timer seconds is now remembered.
  • Tweak to Aggregate scoring of Multi


  • Fix masterpoint allocation very small fields
  • Further fixes to PBN-TXT conversion


  • Fix to Multi Barometer and carry-forwards


  • Fix to PBN-TXT conversion


  • Tweak to WDL calculations in Pairs event scored as matchpoints to VPs


  • Fix to Pairs Event when scoring by cross-imps not converted to VPs
  • Option for Multiple BWS files in pairs events
  • Sessions with no names now appear in red in Open Sessions grid
  • Table Number added to Results grid
  • Improvements in draw algorithm to minimise overswissing in small pairs / teams fields
  • Teams events - further enhance "ignore for datums" setting
  • Test in Team event datums for duplicated players
  • Matchpoint Pairs events can now print Results in landscape


  • New NZ masterpointing now forced - no option to use old style
  • Warning buzzer option added to timer
  • Option to enter any percentage when applying an average
  • Tweak to Swiss triangle draw when team-level adjustments had been processed
  • Modification after BCS update re group sections for results display on Bridgemates
  • Tweak to subs allowed in Multi ladder
  • Teams Swiss draw - when not allowing opponents in same categories CS2 now disregards teams with no category


  • Tweaks to NZ masterpoints
  • Fix bug re sending names back to Bridgemates with Howell movement


  • NZ masterpoints revamped for new masterpoints system
  • All teams 60/40 averates are now +3/-3 in accordance with new laws
  • Pianola XML updated to USEBIO 1.2
  • Pairs Results in Butler-scored session now show datum in separate column
  • Footer now appears on Pairs event results listing parameters used
  • Tweak to triangle in Swiss Teams
  • Tweak to bi-directional Swiss draw
  • Tweak to WDL calculations in SST sessions with Hanner movement
  • Fix to ties in NZ individual session
  • Fix to Results by Pair in SST session
  • Ability to set number of sessions (S=?) for masterpoint purposed now added to Pairs event (previously only availble for teams event)
  • Warning when making arrowswitch template if there's no rounds arrowswitched
  • Option to assign team names in SST by linking to an event
  • Minor other fixes and modifications


  • Teams datums calculations can now be included as part of Quickpost
  • Wide version of slow tables form, with up to 3 columns (previously only 1)
  • Median report now shows master factors for all grades of events (previously only Red Points)
  • In session movement reports, pair movement cards now show opponent names in two-winner movements (previosuly just one winner)
  • Pressing F9 populates Board dropdown on Results tab with 1-42 in case unexpected board numbers need to be accessed
  • QBA congress levy increaed to $1.50 per table/session
  • Pairs event scored as matchpoints to VPs now shows 2 decimals on personals
  • Next opponents appear on Team personals
  • Fixes to XML exports
  • PBN conversion / uploading problem fixed
  • Timer form size remembered as default
  • Table number added when loading manual session to aid sorting for manual entry
  • Rounding probs in NZ masterpoints on results report
  • Various other bug fixes


  • Tweaks to XML exports
  • Option to append a table and Round 1 movement data for that table to BWS in session (under Advanced - Support)
  • Quick entry of datum seating in Teams Datums
  • Landscape Teams results report - improved spacing of match totals when 3 matches
  • Multi teams consolidation now has provision to enter a web site head event number
  • Re-printing an initial Pairs or Teams draw now asks if you want to recalculate the draw
  • In Imp Pairs event, an average plus / average minus is now always +2/-2 imps regardless of match length
  • Penalties/Adjustments - the list of existing adjustments now displayed by team/pair number - previously random
  • Tweaks to multi individual
  • Bug fix - long player names problems when sending names in Pairs event
  • Bug fix - problem with traingle in templated teams
  • Bug fix - half match VPs were being rounded to zero decimals
  • Bug fix to Category report


  • Tweaks to XML exports for Pianola / Bridgewebs / bridge-club.org
  • fix aggregate session xml file
  • Added team name to event XML
  • Contact area moved from XML files for bridgewebs
  • Timer has fast forward option, also minutes per round now defaults to continuous
  • Adding ABF No in session doesn't now force leading zeroes
  • Tweaks to HTTP Upload of results
  • Team event - right-click Seeding button to unseed the field
  • Options to delete team and edit team disabled in Multi teams
  • Tweak to masterpoint edit by player with > 4 team members
  • Fix across-the-field with cross-imps where there is an imp override result
  • Tweaks to triangle in Swiss anmd Template teams
  • Minor other fixes


  • Pairs event with matchpoints converted to VPs - fix to masterpoints when pairs tied for 1st place.
  • Timer - option to suppress seconds display
  • Making XML - errors now managed so that program won't crash.
  • Swiss teams with manual scoring - fix to draws when field involves a triangle
  • Minor other fixes
  • Making XML file for session that's part of a multi - session name now based on multi session name, with session number appended
  • Fix to masterpoints by percentage in across-the-field with non-stardard weighting
  • Director name added to XML as scorer for Bridgewebs
  • Traditional method of uploading to Altosoft web site now disabled in favour of HTTP method
  • Mods to CS2 Remote (option to close all BWS slow table forms, option to close all timers)
  • In teams events, the Substitutes process is now run automatically (if necessary) from Datums Management information when calculating masterpoints
  • Tweak to opening masterpoints file - now loads file automatically
  • Director Preferences form rationalised to suit smaller screens
  • Consolidating SST sessins using Multi-teams now handles teams with more thasn 4 team members (masterpointing and results display)
  • Right-click Print Hand Record in session now opens it as a PDF to assist with print multiple copies


  • Option in Session Advanced to increment /decrement all EW pair numbers - useful after a one-win ATF has renumbered EW to unique series
  • Enhancement to appearance of live results display
  • Tweaks to XML file creation for Pianola
  • Tweak to electics results display
  • Tweak to NZ Masterpoints
  • Tweak to McManus triangle - teams now remain in triangle for 2 matches


  • Changes to triangles in Swiss Teams - (a) choose board sets in each double match's first round; (b) half match can be first or last; (c) board movement in triangle reversed (players move up a table, boards down). Click here for more details.
  • Tweaks to sessional masterpoints in teams events
  • Tweaks to masterpointing by percentage
  • Multi Teamss web export enhanced re new web upload options
  • Eclectic of sessions scored by imps now doesn't average
  • Templated Mitchell session - when number of rounds entered in Session Setup is less than full rounds per template, the former is used
  • Tweaks to team personals coming from single session teams
  • Fix to 9 table Teams template - R2, T4, 4v9 should be 4v6
  • Button in single session teams to show template as it does for 0ne-winner movements


  • Grand totals now print on cross-imp personals
  • Tweaks to import of bri/pbn/txt
  • Fix to Show Sessions in Player Management for howell movements
  • Teams event - fix problem with final half match in triangle
  • Tweak to accommodate slight variance in file format when importing hand record deal TXT file produced by Dealer 4 not Dealmaster Pro
  • Remote slow tables display now shows team name
  • Fix error in Draw Display in Templated Pairs Event when there is a sit-out


  • Option to enter imp (i.e. match-level) adjustment in teams event
  • Tweak to masterpoint by percentage calculations
  • Various minor bug fixes
  • Abity to suppress uploading handicap resyults to web site even if you want the handicap results printed
  • Team snap - can show deal and board when double clicking board number
  • Remote slow tables display - player / team names now show as well as table number


  • Gloabl option for straight thru printing (bypassing printer selection dialog) on all report previews, and with option to increase number of copies
  • Import deal file from TXT and PBN (previously just BRI files) with makeables displaying on-screen
  • Option to print hand record, plus make PDF automatically for web site
  • Teams Datum Management - seating North vs South, East vs West now tracked in program
  • Fix to additional masterpoint weighting etc for butler and cross-imp sessions
  • Teams events - McManus triangle now works with round robin teams (previously just Swiss)
  • Teams event - with reprints of random initial draws, user now asked if they want to regenrate random draw or use the original one


  • Can now hot-swap Bridgemate preferences (under Advanced on the Session form) - this lets you alter prefereces like results display, opening lead, names etc even after launch
  • Swiss Pairs event - quick edit of draw now allows table number to be entered (e.g. entering 1-3-10 means 1 plays 3 at table 10 with 1 as NS)
  • Swiss Teams and Pairs - option to suppress dropouts from results and web site
  • For XML users (Pianola and Bridgewebs) - upload files in your XML web upload folder more than 7 days old will be deleted
  • For XML users (Pianola and Bridgewebs) - the deal file for the session will be placed in XML Results folder as part of web export, simplifying the upload process
  • Option to increment/decrement all pair numbers in session
  • Remote display of slow tables now shows team name
  • Option to add a round to a template in the Template Builder
  • Event name now appears on teams personals
  • Update to web site help document "When Things Go Wrong" to include catastrophic failure
  • Option for another dual web export method - Altosoft and Pianola (means that creating web export will create files for Altosoft and Pianola)
  • Template name now appears ot foot of page on printed table cards
  • HTML file now accommodates single-session-teams sessions
  • Multi Teams green points now defaults to weighting of 1.0 not 1.5
  • Mod to creation of PBNs
  • Ablity to switch a 2-winner Bridgemate session to arrowswitched 1-winner if played that way
  • Tweaks to Cross-imp Pairs event with Wallace scale
  • Direct link to web site Head Event Management page (no web password needed) - under Web menu
  • Warning if single-session teams green point masterpoint weighting is 1.5
  • Option to suppress pair number in portrait results report
  • Test when deleting team members to ensure they aren't playing in any matches
  • Minor tweaks


  • Update to scales for use with matchpoints-to-VPs pairs events
  • Various minor bug fixes including Bi-directional Swiss Pairs initial draw, 2-winner across-the-field cross-imps
  • Enhancements to Player Performance Report
  • Adding a new player assigns an average starting handicap automatically
  • ABF / NZ Bridge No added to Team Datum Management form's teams list
  • Option to add a Section name to the slow tables display
  • Foreign player / Youth player flag appears in exported teams/pair CSVs to assist with seeding
  • Teams event - Substitute statius now shows on Team Slip
  • Team slip wording now editable


  • Further enhancements to categories in sessions - now the session and multi results can be filtered by category
  • Further enhancement to Individuals
  • Leaders Butler now modified to allow multiple steps (note - Leaders Butler is not compatible with bi-directional Swiss)
  • Web site head events now being re-dated logically when subsequent session are uploaded
  • Option to attach a free-standing session as an event match - useful when importing acvents from another database
  • Categories added to sessions (previously only available in events)
  • Fix to web mitchell builder when two full sections and no tail but tail is wanted
  • New scoring method in sessions - aggregate scoring
  • Extra detail on confirmation dialog when a Mitchell templated movement session isn't running the full movement
  • Cross-imp pairs event - personals now show room average as extra player info
  • Tweaks to to individual movement plan builder
  • Fix to XML export when missing data in a manually scored session
  • Removed requirement for ABF Numbers to have leading zeroes
  • In Pairs event, fix to categories dropdown when changing number of categories after initial setup


  • Ability to export and import Individual Movement Plans between databases
  • Option to view a template on the howell setup form
  • Minor fixes


  • More logic in event player name search - start typing alpha in the ABF No box and the search window automatically opens
  • Tweaks to live results display
  • Big label on slow / outstanding tables display
  • Quick entry option for editing swiss draws
  • In pairs event, stationary table number now shows on pair list
  • Individual events enhancements - player names import with option to edit and add names, also tenmplae creation
  • Teams export by player also shows home club and MPs


  • Tweak to importing names in single-session teams
  • Fix sending pairs from Multi with carry-overs based on matchpoints in 2nd and subsequent seqments
  • Live teams web results now includes c/fwds
  • New Club Points report
  • Minor tweaks to New Zealand functionality


  • New test in Anomalies for repeated opening leads
  • Event toolbar button (when showing) now has option to create new Whist/New England teams event
  • Liive results display has option not to cycle through all sessions but just show the one
  • Fix web export for Matchpoint to VPs pairs event
  • Further changes to functionality of loading blank pairs for Pairs event field with no pre-entry of players
  • Reminder label on Director Results re Law 79c period (useful to remind directors when announcing results)
  • Additional deal file path will be searched for any of PBN, BRI and TXT files (previously only looked for one type)
  • Fix to new masterpoints-by-session-percentage method


  • New Australian masterpointing method for Pairs sessions and events where sessional award is based on session percentage not rank. For Sessions, select options under Extra next to Masterpoints options on Session Setup form, and in Pairs Event, choose the appropriate option on Masterpoints tab.(Option only avaiable for select events - check with your State Masterpoint Secretary for details.)
  • Alternative way of numbering pairs when initiating a Pairs Event with no pre-entry of names
  • Fixed text results export for newspaper submission - was giving error when exporting single-session teams
  • Editable heading on external display Timer
  • Altered displayed countdown seconds on external display screen to alow for shorter time span pages
  • Pairs event personals - players with same surname now show in abbreviated form
  • Minor tweaks to NZ aspects
  • Teams event can be run without pre-entering teams - blank teams are created (as is available in Swiss pairs events) and player names are imported via the Bridgemates using the Datum Management area
  • Fix Butler and Cross-imp bugs in across-the-field
  • Altosoft web sites now show next opponent on main results grid in Swiss events
  • Countdown timer on external display wform showing number of seconds till next page shows
  • Fix problem when maximising new Live Results display
  • Tweaks to XML exports fer imps-based teams events
  • Single-session teams detailed player summaries now show team member names
  • Manual scoring session - new board mapping is now allowed for in traveller creation
  • Compscore2 will now close before installing of upgrade when selecting option from File menu
  • Introduced live team results to web site - needs special download
  • Option ro upload and display hand record PDFs on web site


  • Minor tweaks to XML and NZ GST and to export/import formats
  • Minor tweaks to across-the-field, traditional multi handicap report, XML file creation, single-session teams reporting, single-session teams player names area
  • Individual links under help menu to web site help documents address specific topics
  • In Teams events where team names are shown on Bridgemates, this will also now show the team number too
  • Pairs event - warning about possibility inappropriate VP scale now softened to ony alert when the scale selected is less than 70% of actual boards per match
  • In Pairs and Teams events, the wide results report now has option to show either VPs or Imps in the cross table.
  • Browse button on Bridgemate Session Setup when entering deal file name
  • Session Setup form - "Total number of Boards" label changed to "Highest board number" - no change to the data that is requred here though
  • Enhancement to live results viewer (a) 2-winner fields now display left and right sides (b) auto-display on multiple sections (c) non-modal so other parts of program still available when live display running. (Alternative method re using Auto Previewer still available.)
  • Proper case option for sessin names under Preferences
  • Median reports now show club name, not club number
  • Auto-preview results - NS/EW headings centered and stronger to suit external display
  • Auto-Previewer Management form now has zoom and time options on the Management form itself - useful when those controls are difficult to access on an external display
  • Toolbar button on main screen to open Auto-Previewer Management and also F7 key will allow easy access to this form when using duplicated desktop on external display
  • Option under "Preferences - Power Users" to delete all display reports when closing Compscore2 - this will delete all reports except those starting with one or two dots (i.e. the shorter display durarion ones)
  • Datum Management button added to main Bridgemate tab in Teams event (same functionality as the one on the Pair Setup tab), and more logic in the default match number on the Datum Management form
  • System-wide setting to send ABF No not internal Player Numbers back to BWS file when Resending Names
  • In Swiss Pairs event with no pre-seating, it now numbers pairs in accordance with the rule: NS Pair Number = Table No, EW Pair Number = Table No plus total number of tables
  • Option to print Pairs and Teams event results by category (under More Reports)
  • Option to edit ABF/NZB No in Player Management even if they're a club member (previously this was locked out and required access to Membership Management)
  • Modify Name Import from Bridgemates procedure to avoid occasional system freeze at some locations
  • Fix to special New Zealand across-the-field results display
  • Tweaks to Calendar Event area
  • Numerous tweaks to XML exports
  • Multi-Ladder now extended to 6 sessions across the one page (was 5 maximum) and 12 sessions across 2 pages
  • Custom board mapping to assist last minute movement changes where boards need to be inserted or removed from the movement aftrer play has started (located under Session Advanced)
  • QuickPost option to automatically save next draw for external display
  • Further tweaks to XML exports
  • Modify BridgePads movement when there's a half-table in a Howell movement
  • Enhanced error handling when auto-dislaying multiple RDFs
  • Ability to toggle timer state on actuial Tomer form (i.e. switch between Minutes vs Set Finishing Time on the fly)
  • Ablity to remove individual sessions from Across-the-Field and Multi-Ladder consolidations


  • Making XML file for single session teams now displays team member names in logical order
  • Importing pair names event-to-event now carries through the category
  • Pairs Event with dropouts - outstanding results dialog now acknowledges fewer results expected
  • Can now back-import from a Single Session Teams web CSV.
  • Event Search form now lists scorong method alongside event type
  • Pairs event personals now show next round seating direction as well as table number (e.g. "Table 6-NS" not just "Table 6")
  • Option to open BWS file now on team Event Datum Management form - useful for analysing player name problems
  • Fix problem with Crossimp Swiss draw
  • Option under Bridgemate Preferences to always entering ABF / NZ Bridge Numbers into tabletop scorers
  • Fix masterpoints in knockout event where one team scored zero imps
  • Swiss teams events with trianges - now have ability to manually assign triangle teams at start of each double match
  • Slow / incomplete tables display (a) in events, now automatically starts with Slow Tables then when 80% of boards have been played, it automatically switches to Outstanding Tables (b) form size and font size now remembered
  • Extension of the colour option when running mutltiple sections - now the option is extended to sessions that aren't part of events, and this will also flow through to Multi form
  • Setting under Setup | Preferences Congress Directors to add Events button toolbar (create new and open existing)
  • Preference to always backup when program is closed - recommended for Congress Directors
  • Teams event - in Pairs Datum calculations, you can set minimum matches the pair mush have played (defaults to one third of total matches)
  • On BRI-based anomalies form, the form size is remembered
  • Auto Previewer - if adding a display report manually, you can have it display for a reduced number of seconds by prefacing the file name with one (short) or two (shorter) dots
  • Session Setup - Advanced form - some controls moved between tabs to make area more logical
  • Swiss Pairs draw - "Live" removed from heading (almost all draws are live these days) and "Delayed" added if necessary
  • Option to launch separate CS2 Viewer (Under Proceses menu) - this launches a 2nd instance of CS2 that access the same reports saved for display - using this will avoid the problem of confirmation dialogs appearing on the wrong screen.
  • Fix to cross-imp match VP totals on web site
  • New up/down buttons on Session Names tab to allow i=one-click pairs renumbering, also Swap and Change Direction right-click options when in two-direction session. Use only for setting up fields prior to event.
  • Fix problem when importing names from event to session without deleting existing names - previously renumbering of pairs started at 1
  • Miscellaneous NZ version tweaks
  • Fix to cross-imps HTML file headings


  • Bug fix - re-enabling the handicap results button after a problem in the 7 May build
  • When entering manual results from a traveller, the previous score is now offered as a default on the next line
  • Ability to set form colour in Teams/Pairs events, with this colour being inherited by child forms,making it easier to manage events with multiple sections (option also available under Advance | Support to apply colour to a Bridgemate Management form not launched as part of an event)
  • New handicap method - Pivot basis
  • Ability to calculate separate handicaps for different days of week
  • Day of week added as an additional filter on the Session search form


  • Slow tables display automatically flicks to Outstanding Boards when 80% of results are in
  • Teams events with dropouts - now the Remaining Results label and Results Report heading expected fewer results
  • Team Datums now presented on per-board basis, including web site
  • BRI-based anomalies test now doesn't report low HCP games where there's a 10+ card fit
  • Option to create and upload PBN files for download and replay in Jack, Bridge Baron etc
  • Teams Event Director's Result report now lists team member names in place of previous opponents when printing results for final match - useful when presenting prizes
  • Result edit log report available for date range, and button on Session Summary form to show current session result edits
  • Fix sort sequence error when generating preamble for event results text file
  • Fix rounding problem when editing masterpoints by player and win award has decimals
  • Latest NZ Masterpoint List file can be automatically download
  • Tweak to Team Datums when artificial scores are awarded at the opponent's table
  • Files for display are no longer automatically deleted when exiting program; also Reports List in Autp previewer page sorts but name and inclosed sopme multiple deletes functions
  • New Lost Players report to list regular players who haven't played recently
  • Improvements to automatic downloadling of national masterpoints files
  • Improvements to downloading templates
  • New templates available - 8.5 and 10.5 share-and-bye rovers - ideal for accommodating late pairs when playing an 8 or 10 table share-and-bye movement
  • Tweaks to masterpointing for ties in sessions


  • Single session teams - can now choose to enter player numbers to Bridgemates after moving for first round - needed for Teams movements that don't conform with the Whist-odd / New England-even rule
  • Extra validation of Result Editing to not allow a Fouled / Arrowswitched result to also have an average or other over-ride
  • Option to not have "Section A" etc as pat of session name
  • Registry key added for related programs to locate the program folder HKEY_CURENT_USER | Software | Microsoft | VB and VBA Program Settings | Compscore2W7 | Parameters | ProgramFolder
  • Tweaks to XML pairs-based eclectic export
  • Editing BRI file name in Session Setup will automatically clear and re-load
  • BRI-based anomalies form is now sizeable
  • Option to make display draws as part of Templated Pairs / Round Robin Teams
  • Tweak to web site event results display where there are missing matches e.g. drop-in or bye
  • Cross-imp Pairs Event - results can now print in landscape
  • Default BWS filename for Pairs Event now "...from Round ??" and not "...Session ?"
  • Multi-Teams now has option to use new VP scale
  • Multi-ladder now offers handicap results
  • Multi form now has QuickPost option like in normal Sessions
  • Cross-imping added to Templated Pairs events
  • Tweaks to transferring Pair names between sessions/events
  • Fix bug with new across-the-field processes when component sessions are one-winner
  • Creating masterpoint files for NZ finalised


  • Text/HTML files of event results now display VPs as 2 decimals
  • Rounding problems in Mutli Ladder resolved
  • Template selection list can now be sorted by Date Modified as well as Template Name
  • User can choose which anomalies tests to use - traditional one or one using the actual deal file
  • Team snap now works on Round Robin teams (previously only Swiss teams)
  • Fix Teams event masterpointing for subs when sharing masterpoints
  • Option to print new WBF VP scales to CSV (File menu)
  • New WBF scale now default for Teams and Butler Pairs events
  • Option to remove a pair/team from a catregory in Teams/Pairs events i.e leave it blank
  • Warnings when trying to renumber/reseed a Pairs/Teams event field once the event has started
  • Rank and masterpoints now appear in CSV export of players
  • Option not to recalculate when doing Teams event web export
  • Teams Result landscape report nowe has less space for name hance more for results
  • Team datum importing from BWS file - putting 1/2/3/4 is treated the same as 1/1/1/1 to signifify same line-up as last match
  • Another option added when manupulating pair seating in datums - "same as previous round seating"
  • Option to add a name to slow tables display (double-click name label)
  • Numerous cosmetic changes
  • Teams event - fix to draw when dropouts results in a field with triangle becoming a field without triangle
  • Bug fix re penalties in across-the-field sessions


  • Button to make Across-the-Field scoring on Reports tab of Session Management
  • Pairs Event - cumulative WDLs now show on personals each match
  • Pairs Event - new initial player seating report for large events(30+ tables)
  • Enhancements to Individual events
  • Option to assign a 50/50 average for a bridgemate "no play" - previously "no play" was ignore and results factorised


  • Re-design of Multi wizard, and introduction of Program Management
  • When sessions include substitutes as part of a Multi, the Names Edit form for the session allows this to be managed
  • Further localisations for NZ users
  • Pairs and teams events can now accommodate dropouts part way though an event
  • Hand records can be send to the Bridgemates and displayed at the table after the board has been played
  • Ability to selectively import rounds for non-barometer sessions by right-clicking Inmport button
  • Pairs events - sub-totals added to sessional Pairs Personals when Butler scoring
  • When importing names from the bridgemates, a "missing pair" record will be added if necessary so as not to have a gap in the pair numbers
  • Pairs events - new superwide swiss pairs draw for displays at large events
  • Teams event - team list now prints in landscape, making a more concise report
  • When closing CS2 and there are results files for uploading to the web, there is now an option to delete the fiels if you choose not to upload them
  • Swiss Teams event - option to view individual match (both tables) via a new Team Snap button on Bridgemate Session Reports form
  • Importing monthly data from Masterpoints Centre now supports either the traditional National.txt file or the new MPData.csv file
  • Pairs/Teams events - the facility to create TXT and HTML files of results now moved to separate form
  • Pairs and teams personals now have heading of "tricks" not "result"
  • When making web site CSV files for Multi, there's now an option to also make web files for all the component sessions in that Multi
  • Pairs Events - fixed default portion of field receiving outrights when masterponting pairs event on sessional basis - was previously defaulting to top third always


  • Better management of personals per page in events
  • Butler pairs personals now have an extra column for net imps
  • Changes for interface with Bridgepads
  • Ability to manage timers remotely and centrally - ideal when wanting to coordinate multiple timer displays
  • Teams and pairs events "calculate all" checkbox is remembered as default
  • Trialing a new feature allowing results to be emailed to players who played
  • Fix bug when electing to print handicap results at bottom of results page when field size is less that 3 tables
  • Adjust default masterpoints places when masterpointing a Pairs event on a sessional basis
  • Further ehnacements to NZ options


  • Anomalies report now shows Round Number
  • Team name now shows on slow tables display along with table number
  • New report in Pairs and Teams Events - Results by Category (ideal for Club vs Club competitions)
  • Teams Event Personals - Opponent player names showing
  • Teams and Pairs Event Personals - slicing option re number per page now automatic, based on number of boards per match
  • Option to print datums from single session when using Butler scoring
  • Print datums for Butler Pairs Event now produces datums for all rounds every time
  • New anomalies test when importing BRIs into CS2 - now boards that were passed in and a player had more that 11HCPs are listed
  • In Pairs and Teams Events, players home club and active status now are imported from ABF database and displayed on Median Report
  • Preference to set manual scoring as default when creating new session - will suit users not using Bridgemates or other tabletop devices
  • Increase maximum number of remote display PCs to 6
  • Fix problem with multi-session barometer with carry-overs where some players have zero carry-over
  • New report - tables per day (under File | Reports and Exports)
  • Fix to multi when a pair has more than one sub throughout an event
  • Tweaks to editing carry-forwards and moving pairs between sessions


  • New option to progressively show finalised team results as match draws to a close
  • Extra space between slips (easier when guillotining) when printing Pairs Event personals with 7 boards a round
  • Swiss teams - new option for swiss draw to not play members of same category
  • New HTTP method of uploading introduced where firewall difficulties are encountered (existing method utilised FTP)
  • Option to nominate Home team for seating rights in Swiss and Round Robin teams events
  • Board-a-match scoring now added to Multi teams
  • Printing Pair results from a session - now option to print in Board sequence or Round sequence
  • Fix problem with Bridgepads and missing pairs in Howells - different from Bridgemate procedure
  • Tweak to Howell multi with substitutes
  • When manually scoring a fouled board, program now forces a table result to be entered
  • Single-session teams event - grid shading can now shade positive scores or negative scores
  • Bridgemate preferences - option to display end-of-round rank and end-of session summary are now separated (previously both or neither)
  • Single-session masterpointing for New Zealand introduced
  • Fix bugs first appearing introduced in 19/7/13 build - across-the-field scoring and swiss teams with triangle


  • Player inactive warning when adding players to Pair / Team event, also such players are flagged in Median Rank report
  • New test added to Anomalies with BRI File - same contract different directions
  • More tweaks to Bridgewebs and Pianola exports
  • Option to show any text document on external displays
  • Team pair datums - Team Summaries now include only ABF No or Team Member Number but not both
  • Numerous enhancement to accommodate New Zealand methods and preferences


  • Board-a-Match scoring now available for Teams events and Single Session Teams
  • Fix to masterpoints wizard re new Multi style
  • Fix when loading existing carry-forwards to Multi
  • Option to quick-start installation as remote


  • On Session and Multi Results, new checkbox for "For display" where the bottom margin is increased to accommodate non-portrait screend
  • Option to view/edit Round Robin teams template from the Team Event setup page
  • Fix to calculation of wins when masterpointing knock-out Teams event
  • Swiss Butler Pairs - option to print results in landscape format showing match-by-match VPs (similar to option presently in Teams)
  • Club Membership Management - in the search grid there is a new column showing member number
  • Club Membership Management - option to generate and print a generic letter to members
  • New WBF VP scales introduced (events can still be scored the old way too)
  • In Across-the-Field multi's, there's a button to Rebuild All Sessions which can be fired if there's been a score or name change to one of the underlying sessions, rather than rebuilding the multi
  • When doing ATFs, underlying sessions now have their masterpoint setting set to No Masterpoints if the ATF has masterpoints
  • More Timer enhancements - you can now set the finishing time (as an alternative to the number of minutes), and this remembers the setting should the program be closed accidentally.
  • Results by Pair in session management - dropdown includes full number and name, rather than just the pair number
  • Display start-up parameter for remote display PCs
  • Pair events - round seating now displays on Personal Results
  • Multi-section anomalies (BRI only) under Processes - this runs BRI Anomalies test across multiple sections
  • Enhancements to Completed Team Results display
  • Tweaks to Membership Management set-up
  • Masterpoint wizard - two additional options for Sessions dropdown: sessions with masterpoints, and sessions without masterpoints (you can also select sessions by masterpoint colour)
  • Cumulative VPs added to Team personals.
  • Bug fix for crash when doing across-the-field with deal file name.
  • Fix to minor problems when transferring pairs between events and assigning categories.
  • Single sessin teams - option to produce results in grid form
  • Swiss Pairs event - option to resend event names into a session after the event
  • Masterpointing Swiss pairs event - set number of places earning outright masterpoints
  • Fix to bug re calculatuing results in Swiss pairs event
  • Teams events - pair datum management
  • Import pair/team from another event now goes to Category Z (previously M)
  • Teams events - option to show completed teams results as both tables finish
  • Option to change sort sequences for Pair list in Multi when selecting replacement pairs
  • Slow tables list - new option for very slow tables (more than 1 board behind the average)
  • Teams event - Personals now show player names (home team only) and cumulative Pair Datum ranks
  • Web Mitchell template builder added
  • Lead card added to HTML web page display
  • Swiss Teams events - random first draw option
  • When adding subsequent sections, the deal file, director and masterpoint details are remembered from A section and offered as defaults
  • Template editing - Test button now reports if pairs meet the same opponents a subsequent time (as well as checking if pairs play same opponents)
  • Bug fix - crash when no masterpoints in a Multi


  • Fix to consolidating Butler sessions with imp over-rides
  • Tweaks to XML export options for Bridgewebs / Pianola
  • XML export option now added for Swiss Pairs events
  • Further enhancement to Pair Datums in teams event
  • Introduction of extra large Results report in Teams events
  • Option to suppress non-masterpoint earners from printing in eclectic reports
  • Provision for multiple BWS files attached to one event
  • Eclectic masterpointing now honours special fields for places to earn masterpoints
  • Fix to display/suppress numbers on Names tab Player Listing
  • Import pair/team from another event now goes to Category M (previously G)
  • Option to create text file of results for local newspaper
  • Option to send RDF files to network folders - ideal when using display screens driven by other PCs


  • Editing the Bridgemate section letter will now force the Movement Changed dialog to display
  • Tweaks to Swiss Pairs event scored using cross-imps
  • Tweaks to Multi session consolidation when Butler scoring is being used
  • Trailing comma added when entering deal file names in Pair/Team Event
  • Fixed problem when adding a single session to an eclectic where the session to be added is at the top of the list and is already highlighted


  • Option to make XML web export file for multi-teams
  • Teams events - introduced imps-only scoring options, also two-team knockout option with associated changes to reports and web display
  • Decimals now available in adjustments (used for carry-forwards)
  • Fix for setup of Pairs / teams event with no masterpoints


  • Auto-previewer now allows multiple windows for use when more than one data projector or other display is being used
  • Butler Pairs Personal Results now show match VPs (previosuly showed only net imps)
  • Single Session Teams Multi Consolidation now offers congress acceleration factor option
  • Teams Results in lansdcape - column headings now auto-spaced to accommodate less than 6 matches per event
  • Round robin draw for display is now landscape
  • New addition to anomalies reports - 7NT making 13 tricks
  • Tweak to entering an imp-override at a table in the triangle - now the corresponding result in the other match will also update
  • Tweak to Personals printout and web site display when running teams event with triangle where teams in triangle don't use Bridgemates
  • Bug with last round scores in a barometer when when board is played arrowswitched and pair numbers are reversed instead of ticking the arrowswitch box
  • Tweaks to USEBIO XML file when exporting non-Bridgemate session results
  • Tweak when marking a passed in board as fouled
  • Live results display - pairs with less than maximum results are highlighted in yellow
  • Tweak to handicap results reports associated with one-winner single session events and eclectics
  • Option to cancel last membership payment in Club Membership Management
  • Option to print Club Membership subs payments


  • Compscore2 logfile introduced to assist with analysing user problems (logs located in \logs sub-folder)
  • Full range of masterpoint weightings now offered in multi droppdown (like in session)
  • Can now manage the auto-creating of RDFs in session and multi via INI switch
  • Option to export member list added to Member Search form
  • Member import/export now allows for second phone field
  • Handicaps now optionally appear on the results page and web site, and can be included as part of Quick Finalise - managed under Setup | Preferences - Handicaps
  • Can now display round robin Teams draw
  • Print movement reports for Single-session-teams and Mitchell now show player names on table cards
  • Updated Operating manual now available from Manual and Help page


  • Tweak to new "Show player movement on Bridgemate..." for Swiss Teams events
  • Any report can now be saved for display on a data projector or external monitor - click the Save As dropdown on the Preview page and choose Report for Display.
  • Option for back-up reminder - this is turned off by default - activate it under Settings | Preferences General
  • Option to make email address CSV of players in selected sessions - accessed by multi-selecting the sessions in the Open Session screen and right-clicking (contiguous sections only)
  • Slow play display - this is an additional option on new "Show Outstanding Boards" button
  • Team results in landscape now accommodates events of up to 12 matches
  • Option to print a report of club members, showing all details
  • More tweaks to XML export for Pianola
  • Option for Butler Pairs to be scored as leaders butler
  • For Swiss events, at the end of matches that aren't the last match of a session, the Bridgemates display "waiting for new movement", then display the pair movement once the next round has been launched
  • Option to run Swiss Pairs with player names entered from the Bridgemates, not pre-entered
  • Bug fix - deleting a pair now deletes all entrries for that pair in the draws


  • Option to enter carry-forwards
  • Option to create export files for Bridgewebs and Pianola using USEBIO XML format files
  • Under Setup | Preferences - separation of General and Web options to separate forms
  • Option to alter alternate line shading intensity (Setup | Preferences Other)
  • Player Performance Report, showing nummer of times each player played in a given time period, along with their best and average percentages
  • New report - Total Green Points Report (under File | Exports and Reports) - can be run for any date range
  • Substitute managements added for Teams and Pairs events so Compscore2 knows what matches each player is playing in, and masterpoints can be awarded accordingly
  • New variation added to handicaps - de Mestre - where the differense between your usual percentage and the current session percentage is displayed as a positive or negative figure
  • Test added in 2-winner templates to look for pairs meeting same boards twice
  • Session list on Player Management form (right-click popup) now shows sessions played and percentage achieved
  • Date of last Masterpoints import file and date imported now held on file
  • Tweaks to trap keying errors when entering averages in manual scoring
  • Web export - added option to make both CSVs and HTML files (previous it was either/or)
  • Test to see if any files need uploading when CS2 is closed
  • Fix inaccuracy in player frequency report in some isolated cases
  • Tweaks to membership management
  • ABF Nos added to Pair Event CSV Exports
  • Option to exclude inactives when in ABF Search now defaults to last used
  • Congress directors - Masterpoint file name in Pair and Team events now includes event date
  • Congress directors - Teams Event personals now show WDLs


  • In the Masterpoints Wizard, users can nominate their own masterpoints file name
  • Option on Show Outstanding Boards form to just show boards outstanding either for current match, or for whole event
  • Teams results can now print in landscape, showing individual match VPs per match across the page.
  • All control of Auto-Previewer moved to Previewer Management form
  • Fixed problem with uploading deal file from additional location when using Quick Finalise to finalise a session
  • Quick finalising a session now imports player names if it hasn't been done, so once launched, there is only one button to click at the end.
  • Abitity to print Outstanding Boards list, and progress bar and height indicators added for display form (button on Reports and Web tab) - ideal for congress directors
  • Enhancements to timer page - option to continuously rotate, buzzer added (requires a file "alarm_beep.wav" in your program folder), pause option
  • Improvements to data projector display for event results and draw etc, including separate buttons to display Results and Draw, and added functionality on the Auto-Previewer | Documents Management form (under Windows menu)
  • Ability to show total scores of opponents on Results List for Swiss Pairs and Teams (right click Results button) - used for tie-breaking in ABF events
  • Ability to print results for a specific range of matches in a Pairs or Teams event - ideal for determining sessional winner
  • Method of Swiss pairs draw modified re new ABF regulation
  • QBA bank details to QBA Congress Levy report
  • Fix to glitch when exporting Movement Reports to CSV


  • Option under General Preferences for narrower rows on results grid, allowing more rows per view
  • Last played date shows on Player Management export
  • New button on Results tab to list tables with missing results
  • Round Robin Teams now displays team name on Bridgemate at start of each round (as with Swiss Teams)
  • Multi-session barometer now works on Butler-scored sessions so you can score individual sessions as Butler and then multi them.
  • BWS file can now be in a separate location, using a file name of choice, and even on a different PC
  • Option to import from a CS2-produced CSV back into CS2 - ideal for restoring after accidentally erasing a session, or scoring on a different PC
  • Butler session now handles penalties (previously only available in event, not session)
  • Default settings now remembered for Show Player numbers on session, also whether to import inactives into BMPlayerDB table
  • Option to truncate Bridgemate log file on CS2 File menu
  • Editing player name in Player Management now applies change to all sessions
  • Ability to to export names from a Multi to a new event based on results of the Multi - ideal for breaking a Qualifing event finishers into Championship, Plate, Consolation etc
  • In Masterpoints wizard, Masterpoints by Session List now shows any masterpoint adjustments as a footer
  • In Masterpoints wizard, session list on first page shows number of tables on mouseover
  • In Masterpoints wizard, option to filter sessions list by colour
  • In printing Movement Cards for Howell when electing to include player names, previously you needed to add a "sitout" player to fill gap, this is now addressed
  • When supressing player number from Sessions Results, the names will print in proper case
  • Congress directors - on Pairs/Teams event seeding tab you can assign a specific number to a pair or team number to click up/down
  • Congress directors - Results and Draws now have data projector format in Pairs and Teams events
  • Congress directors - in Teams and Pairs Events, new report to print player list by player name alphabetically showing Team or Pair Number and initial seating - useful for congress convenor
  • Congress directors - New anomalies checker is invoked when BRI is imported (under Advanced, Deal File) into session, reporting contracts with poor fits, insufficient HCPs etc, also with option to print the anomalies list
  • Congress directors - re-positioning of controls on Pairs Event Bridgemate Management tab
  • Congress directors - Timer can be resized, with time remaining displayed increased in size, also display turns red when less than 15 minutes remaining - if using a data projector or second monitor, you can drag this form to the other display
  • Congress directors - Pairs / Teams event Personals - printing per page now simplied so it's the same for Pairs and Teams, also options simplified to 4 per page, 3 per page or 2 per page
  • Congress directors - Bridgemate Session Management form now has option to enter a web head event number (not necessary for events run via Event Management) - this will further enhance the ability to keep all facets of an event together on the web site display
  • Congress directors - option under File | New Event to create an event that will be used as a names file only (inapplicable options not visible)


  • Option to show pair cumulative results on Bridgemate after each round and at end of session
  • Fix to Single Session Teams session calulation process when run without bridgemates
  • Amendments to Import from web CSV to allow for Howells and averages
  • Introduce the option to record the number of extremes to remove when Butler-scoring a session (previously this was allowed for in Butler-scored events, but not individual Butler-scored sessions)


  • Fix to sessional masterpoints calculations in Teams events where not masterpointed on wins basis
  • Misc fixes to Membership Managenment area
  • Tweak to process to import Pair names from a file exported by another CS2 database
  • Adjust Masterpoint Wizard for new Masterpoint Centre web site
  • Alterations to parsing of PBN files to accommodate changes in latest BOS program

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