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Compscore2 Modifications List

The latest build is available from the Compscore2 Latest Build page.

Compscore2 is a very stable program. Development is ongoing and the great majority of the below items are enhancements rather than bug fixes. Very rarely are software bugs encountered in the field, and when they are, they are addressed immediately and a new build is made available on this web site.

New features recently added to Compscore2 include:

  • Improved timer functionalty
  • Import deal files from BRI, TXT and PBN (including makeables where available), with option to print hand record and make PDF
  • Hot-swapping bridgemate settings during a session
  • Support for 2017 New Zealand masterpoints
  • Board mapping
  • Teams events - full Pair Datum Management added
  • Handicaps can now optionally appear on the results page and web site, and can be included as part of Quick Finalise
  • Show outstanding boards or slow tables for current round or session, with colour highlighting slow tables (button on Reports tab)
  • Score normal sessions by Butler (imps)
  • Can import BRI file into session, offering enhanced anomaly checking based on actual hands (Advanced button on Setup tab, then Deal Files)
  • Streamlined web upload process - one click does it all (activate under Setup | Preferences | Web)
  • Masterpoints wizard - user can choose file name, and there's now a built-in masterpoints file viewer
  • New report - Total Green Points Report - can be run for any period

... and of particular interest to congress directors:

  • Bi-directional swiss pairs
  • New percentage-based masterpoints option supported
  • Live teams results display on web site
  • Scoring methods now include matchpoint, butler, cross-imps, matchpoint to VPs, and teams by imps, VPs or point-a-board
  • Option to print Teams Results in lansdscape, listing all match results to date, also new large-print Teams Results report
  • Substitute management in Pairs and Teams events - simplifies masterpointing
  • Walk-in Swiss Pairs and Swiss Teams, where field can be entered via Bridgemates and without the need for pre-entry
  • Show event results and draw on data projector
  • Leaders Butler
  • Enhancement to Timer (under Processing menu)
  • More flexiblity in pair and team seeding area

... plus many more minor improvements


  • Session names export (right-click Print on the session Names tab) now includes phone number if known.


  • Tweaks to live teams result upload / display


  • Fixed problem in printing teams personals where same teams played same board numbers in contiguous matches


  • Tweak to cross-imp pairs session with penalty/adjustment.


  • Tweak to XML export to exclude hard space character from XML files.


  • Tweaks to ties
  • Tweaks to scoring BBO congresses
  • Option to force proper case or5 upper case for player names (sessions only, not events)


  • Fix to roundings / ties in NZ build when using cross-imps.


  • Minor tweaks to BBO session importing and processing


  • Minor tweaks


  • Modified BBO-CS2 import for to BBO Extractor format 17/6/20


  • Tweaks to BBO session importing.
  • Fixed bug when importing a non-BBO CSV results file


  • Remove message in green re masterpoints from web results display


  • More tweaks to BBO session import, including support for BBO names showing in place of 'unknown' (requires latest Converter build available later this week)


  • Further tweaks to BBO-Compscore2 conversion routines.



  • More tweaks re BBO / CS2 import. Converter should be available in next few days.


  • More tweaks and improvements to BBO Conversion and Import routines.
  • Option to make PDF of hand record now runs as part of Web Export not Quick Finalise.


  • Further tweaks and improvements to BBO Conversion and Import routines.


  • Enhancements to accommodate importing of BBO sessions and general BBO management.


  • Tweak to roundings of table numbers in eclectics
  • Lead card now appears on printed anomalies report
  • Tweaks to teams Datums calculations
  • Quickpost in event - now ALL web CSVs are made, not just the latest round
  • Option in Directors Preferences to show an ID for a result edit
  • Option to send SMSs manually i.e. not just as part of QuickPost
  • Option to include results for display in event Quickpost
  • Modified Swiss now automated for teams, using ABF rules
  • When compacting databases, deleting deals leaves deals for the the last 30 sessions
  • Fixed single document multi-page display in previewer
  • Tweak to dislaying categories in Multi Ladder results


  • Ability to create export CSV file for Nationwide Pairs that excludes the new footer records. (Make the export file by clicking Export to Text/CSV File and answer Yes in the dialog box that follows.)


  • Minor tweaks


  • In Live Results, "incomplete" label now honours setting to suppress this from for printed results.
  • Bug fix re showing hands on Bridgemates
  • VPs now show decimals on crosstab results report when new ABF Pairs scale used
  • Tweaks to session names export
  • Minor other fixes and improvements


  • Categories suppressed on web site export when option not checked in Compscore2.
  • Option to suppress percentages under 40% on printed results now carried through to live results display.


  • Option to show template on Setup screen for Mitchell mevement as currently exists with Howells and SSTs.
  • Tweaks to Team snapshot
  • Session's live results display - percentages under 40% now suppressed
  • Option for additional message to be added to the initial draw when sent by SMS.
  • Tweak to triangle selection when dropping out a team such that the field size is reduced to an odd number.


  • Support for new ABF Scale for Imp Pairs added - on Pairs Event Setup page, untick "New WBF Scale [ ]" and select appropriate ABF Scale from dropdown.
  • Tweaks for matchpoints-to-VPs for NZ users
  • Test button on Auto Reports Viewer to test if remote PC connections are alive.
  • Tweak to "swap seats" option in Pairs session.
  • Tweak NZ Player database import routine.


  • Enhancements to Results by Pairs form in sessions and matches
  • Tweaks to NZ draws calculations in Pairs events
  • In Cross-imp Pairs events, either Imps or VPs can be shown in the match columns for the cross table Results Report, bringing it in line with teams, butler and matchpoint results reports.


  • Tweak to match by match results for Matchpoint-to-VP event
  • Further modifications for support Bridge Pals table top devices
  • Further mods to sending Draws / Results by SMS


  • Tweak to NZ Calendar events when making Multi for event with no masterpoints
  • Modify XML export to allow for eCats Sim Pairs format (include eCats Session ID in web export box)


  • Tweaks to including hand record details in XML file
  • Fix crash when sending event SMSs after a pair has been dropped out of the field
  • When manually scoring a session, after ticking average, the default of "50/50" is offered, rather than nothing.


  • Mods to the web site presentation of Pairs Events that are scored using the Wallace scale.


  • In Teams Event masterpoints, if it looks looks like a GNOT heat, there's a warning about outright points not applying except for area finals.


  • In Pair Event Substitutes area, up to 25 matches are now managed (previously 20).


  • Option to send SMSs to players of draws, results also supports red point events


  • Option to send SMSs to players of draws, results for gold point events
  • Option in sessions to swap North and South around, likewise East and West.
  • Fix to expected PBN format.
  • Tweak to Teams event using McManus triangle when re-printing initial draw after event has started.
  • Option for new ABF "semi-random" Swiss draw added


  • Problem loading hand records into BWS file now resolved.


  • Changes to data structure to handle the limitations caused by January's Microsoft Windows update.
  • Tweaks to XML exports
  • Tweak to Knockout Teams WDL calculations
  • Anomalies test - passed in test is now greater than 12 HCP (formerly 11)
  • Tweaks to NZ Masterpoints
  • Swiss Pairs event - can now print initial seating by table, even after Match 1 has been created.


  • Right-click option to flip NS/EW Pair Numbers in session results grid in one-winner movements.
  • Option to show warning label on main screen when there are web CSVs to upload
  • NZ masterpoints for teams event wins now shared across team members who played
  • Mods to Pianola XML exports.
  • Option to populate ABF Masterpoints database with club numbers - useful for unaffiliated clubs who want to set up teams and swiss pairs events.
  • In Teams/Pairs events, option to remove category from pairs in A category.


  • Progress teams results can be sent to Bridgmates for each new match.
  • Tweaks to BCS interface to adjust for new one-winner / two-winner field in BWS file.
  • Tweaks to first place outright calculation in some teams events.
  • Club Membership - option to have separate home and away levies and to exclude separate disclosure of state / ABF levies on renewal forms.
  • Option to show separate NS/EW fields when printing initial seating in Pairs session.
  • Option to have "night" added to session name and to set starting time.


  • Tweak to Aggregate scoring of Multi
  • Option to hide timer seconds is now remembered.


  • Further fixes to PBN-TXT conversion
  • Fix masterpoint allocation very small fields


  • Fix to Multi Barometer and carry-forwards


  • Fix to PBN-TXT conversion


  • Tweak to WDL calculations in Pairs event scored as matchpoints to VPs


  • Improvements in draw algorithm to minimise overswissing in small pairs / teams fields
  • Option for Multiple BWS files in pairs events
  • Sessions with no names now appear in red in Open Sessions grid
  • Table Number added to Results grid
  • Teams events - further enhance "ignore for datums" setting
  • Test in Team event datums for duplicated players
  • Matchpoint Pairs events can now print Results in landscape
  • Fix to Pairs Event when scoring by cross-imps not converted to VPs


  • Option to enter any percentage when applying an average
  • Modification after BCS update re group sections for results display on Bridgemates
  • Tweak to Swiss triangle draw when team-level adjustments had been processed
  • Teams Swiss draw - when not allowing opponents in same categories CS2 now disregards teams with no category
  • Tweak to subs allowed in Multi ladder
  • New NZ masterpointing now forced - no option to use old style
  • Warning buzzer option added to timer