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General Help documents

Running a Bridgemate Session with Comspcore2
When things go wrong (including late change to movement)
Running a Howell / One-winner movement
Running a Bridgemate Teams Event
Running a Bridgemate Swiss Pairs Event
Running a Bridgemate Barometer Event
Running a Bridgemate Teams Event with a Split Match
Running a Bridgemate Teams Event without Pre-entry of Teams

Running a Swiss Teams Event with a Triangle
Using Compscore2 with Bridge Tabs
Handicapping with Compscore2
Creating a One-winner Template from a Mitchell Movement
Compscore2 changes for new NZ Masterpoint system
Compscore2 manual
Addendum to Compscore2 manual
On-line Help

Using CS2 with Bridgemates and other table-top scoring devices
There is general help on using Bridgemates for Compscore2 Sessions and Events in the 'General Help Documents' section above. Much of this relates to other scoring devices too. See also the Help / Support pages on the Bridgemate web site.

Player Names are not showing up on the Bridgemates when players enter their ABF Number.

There are special settings needed in both the Conmpscore2 and Bridgemate Control Software. See Displaying player names on Bridgemates when players enter ABF/NZ Bridge Numbers .

Only one of several sections are showing on Bridgemates even though I set up more sections.

You have probably used the main Create New Session button when creating a subsequent section. You much use ther New Section button on the first session's Setup tab.

After importing, there are insufficient results in CS2.

The Bridgemate server may have become disconnected through the session. Have a look at our When Things Go Wrong document.

The Bridgemate Control Software was closed during a session by mistake.

On the Setup tab, click the Advanced button and click Re-launch. Do NOT click Launch on the main Setup tab or you will lose everything.

I need to curtail a session.

On the Setup tab, select Bridgmate Functions and select your propsoed final round from the dropdown and click Curtail.

I have too many results coming from one table.

See the help document Spurious Results Received for One Table.

One Bridgemate often shows 'Fail to Send'.

It may need fine-tuning. Go to the Setup menu (setup PIN is 749), click Info then on the next screen, press and hold ther '5' key until it shows a fine tuning number. Release and re-press the '5' key and this should reduce the fine tuning number to zero which is optimum.

A Bridgemate appears to be in factory test mode.

There is a special sequence of keys to clear this. Press the following keys in sequence: 2 then 5, then NT then Diamonds.

I need to update the Bridgemate software / firmware.

Download our Help PDF Updating Your Bridgemate Software.

Web Site results

I can't get the hand record to display on the web site.

There's several possible causes. See the PDF on Displaying hand record on your Altosoft web site.

Compscore2 issues generally

Can CS2 accommodate Individuals movements?

Yes, there is limited capacity. Click here for a PDF on Using Individuals with Compscore2.

I need to copy Compscore2 to a new PC.

Download and install the latest evaluation from this web site, and when prompted, enter your licence number which is found on the Help | About page. if you want to bring across your data, settings and templates, copy all files and folders in and under C:\Compscore2 from the old to the new PC.

Can I transfer a session from one PC to another.

This can be done via the web site CSV export file, which are stored in c:\Compscore2\Web\Archive after uploading. On the receiving PC, open Compscore2, select File | Import | Compscore2 session CSV File and navigate to the CSV file on the old PC or on a memory stick.