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Altosoft and principal Peter Busch work with the contract bridge community.

Altosoft developed the popular Compscore2 bridge scoring software and has now released Compscore3. Altosoft has also created and hosts bridge club web sites.

Compscore3 and its predecessor Compscore2 are used by hundreds of bridge clubs and many congress directors across Australia, and are used at major gold point events including the Summer Festival of Bridge, Barrier Reef Congress and others in Australia, and at New Zealand's National Congress.

Altosoft also hosts the bridge portal Bridge Australia, which is used as a respository for selected State and National congress results.

Developer Peter Busch is a national congress director, and in his pre-bridge life spent over 20 years in the IT industry where he developed off-the-shelf and custom software packages, mainly in the accounting arena. As a bridge player and national congress director, he is well placed to design a bridge scoring system that is intuitive to users, covering all necessary aspects of running club sessions and congresses.

Interested? Have a look at out detailed Compscore3 page, and download a fully functioning evaluation.


What's new?

New Bridge Australia web sites - Important change March 2023


Changes apply to bridge clubs that have a sub-domain under for example Clubs with their own domain name are unaffected.

The change is necessary as we have added SSL security to these club web sites. Without a SSL certificate, many web browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Safari display warnings suggesting that the site is not safe, and this is becoming more and more common as web browsers bring out new versions.

Two things clubs and members should note:

1. The club web site address no longer needs "www" in it. You may need to change your browser bookmark. If you're having trouble accessing your club's web site, there is a link on our Club Web Sites List.

2. Clubs will need to make change to their Compscore3 Web Results Upload setting, to include the new secure domain name, and without the www prefix, for example, The difference from what might be there now is firstly "http" becomes "https" and secondly "www." is removed.

Clubs still on Compscore2 will not be able to upload to upload from within Compscore2, and can either use your Web Site management portal to upload results from Compscore2 so it might be a convenient time to upgrade to Compscore3 for a cost of $75.

New Compscore3 now available

We have just released Compscore3 which is a re-write of Compscore2.

Our aim is to stay up to date with changing technology and while Compscore3 will be operationally very similar to Compscore2, the underlying technology will ensure a much longer lifespan. If you're used Compscore2 then you will have no problems using Compscore3. Compscore2 and Compscore3 can even open the the same database (at different times of course), and you can hot-swap between the two programs.

Compscore2 users pay just $75 to upgrade, and as part of the upgrade you will receive a new licence number. However upgrading is not a requirement - existing users may stay on Compscore2 as long as they wish. The price for the full program for new users is $325.

How to order your upgrade: To order your upgrade, email us at

Converting to Compscore3 is easy. Just download the new program, and enter your licence number. You'll then be automatically taken through a Compscore2-to-Compscore3 conversion routine.

If we've piqued your interest, have a look at our new Compscore3 page on this site. You can even download the new operating manual and other documentation from our Compscore3 Resources page.


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