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Compscore3 Evaluation

You can download an evaluation of Compscore3. This is a fully functional program, the only limitation being that the program and reports are branded as "Unlicenced Evaluation".

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Compscore3 Licensing Policy

Unlicensed Evaluation

You can only use an Unlicensed Evaluation Version under the following circumstances:-
(a) by Bridge Clubs or their members genuinely evaluating the program with a view to purchase; or
(b) by Directors or Scorers in Bridge Clubs holding a licensed Compscore3, to use on their own PCs when learning the program.

This unlicenced version may not be used to score actual sessions or events, except when genuinely evaluating or learning the program, without prior authorisation from Altosoft.

Full Compscore3 Licence

A Compscore3 licence permits you to install Compscore3 on any PCs:
(a) for a Bridge Club licencee: that are used to score that club's sessions (Bridge Clubs who play at multiple venues need a separate licence per venue, though this doesn't apply to clubs without a permanent clubhouse who run sessions in different venues) ;
(b) for tournament director licencee: that are used by that licencee to score events being run by them.