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Support Policy

We are happy to provide Compscore2 support between the hours of 9am and 5pm Queensland time Monday to Friday. Call Peter on 0438 336 632.

However, before calling, please check our Resources page - we have put together lots of useful tips about using Compscore2 and Bridgemates and are adding more all the time.

Outside these hours, you're welcome to send a text to that number, or contact us by email or by using our on-line enquiry form. We can't guarantee to get back to you until the next business day but at times we will be able to respond sooner. Email is the preferred and most efficient communication method for support. But first, check out our new Forum. This is an interactive facility where users can post questions and other support issues, and others can reply or add their suggestions. We will also be actively monitoring the Forum and replying to support questions.

We recommend that each bridge club appoint a Bridgemate / Compscore2 liaison person, and members within the club should contact them in the first instance when they need assistance.