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Altosoft Bridge Club Web Sites

Altosoft develops and hosts web sites for bridge clubs.

Each site follows a basic template, but looks different from other club web sites. The screenshots at right are from two separate club sites, but are built from the same template. There's a list of clubs using Altosoft bridge club web sites on our User List page.

Initial pages in the template are (all optional):

  • Home page (including Latest News)
  • Sessions
  • Lessons
  • Calendar
  • Contact
  • Documents
  • Photos
  • Members
  • Sponsors
  • Coming Events
  • Results

Clubs can manage all web site content themselves, via a password-protected Management page.

The Calendar is completely user-manageable. Events can then be copied from the calendar to the Coming Events list, and they automatically appear on the Coming Events page and front page News as the event approaches. Further, the web site's Congress Management side can be used for any event, allowing clubs to enter and display congress entries and keep track of payments.

The Results display is for those clubs using Compscore2 or Compscore3. There is also a generic facility that uploads text and PDF files of results. Results from Compscore2 and Compscore3 are very detailed, allowing players to look at board or pair results in detail, and tp also replay the hand using Bridge Solver.

Cost: There is a setup fee of $300, and an ongoing hosting and management fee of $27.50 per month, payable annually in advance. The setup fee includes development of your site within our loose template, and once done, you have full editorial control over the content. We will initially build your site using our template from information in your current web site, or other information provided by you.

For clubs using Compscore2 or Compscore3 who already have their own web site and wish to keep it, we can set up a Results portal that they can link to. This has the same hosting and management fee as a full web site but there is no set-up fee.

Email us at for more information.