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Compscore3 Feature List

What's different from Compscore2

General features

  • Simple to use, plus comprehensive manual available for dowload, and lots of detailed help on the web site
  • Program updates available on-line
  • Designed and written by national tournament director / bridge player, and used in over 350 clubs
  • Continually being enhanced, based on user feedback and Club / Director needs
  • Compscore2/3 used in many bridge clubs, ranging in size from 50 to over 1,000 members, and with regular session sizes from 3 to 50 tables

For regular club sessions

  • Supports Bridgemates (any model), Bridgepads, Bridge Scorers, and Bridgetabs, as well as manual scoring
  • Built-in Mitchells including NS rovers, odd and even numbers with skip or share & bye and any sit-out, 1.5 table appendix, and a web builder to create templates for any Web Mitchell movement for an unlimited number of tables using an odd number base (typically 7,9, 11 or 13)
  • Standard templates to manage various 3 to 9 table howell / one-winner movements and a variety of reduced howells and other one-winner movements, and unlimited scope for other one-winner or two-winner movements using user-editable templates
  • Single session Whist and New England movements
  • Score Pairs sessions by matchpoint, Butler or cross-imps, aggregate, and Teams by imps, VPs or point-a-board
  • Players can enter either club computer number or ABF number to Bridgemates
  • Powerful anomalies checker, looking for potential Bridgemate entry errors, with option to import deal file for enhanced anomaly checking
  • Lead validation with Bridgemates
  • Supports all the Bridgemate display options - lead card, trick count entry and display, player names, next round movement details, end-of-round percentage and rank display
  • On-screen timer with warning buzzer option
  • Handles all Australian masterpoint requirements, through to creating and uploading the monthly or quarterly Masterpoint Centre files
  • Red, green and gold masterpoints
  • Club membership management, including annual renewal statements
  • Handicapping using one of three methods (Compscore, Rapscore and Pivot), with option for handicap per day per player, or just per player
  • Integrates tightly with Altosoft-built web sites, offering detailed session results upload with a single click, and with option for actual hands to be displayed on the web site
  • Offers USEBUIO XLB files for uploading results to Pianola, Bridge Webs and
  • Produces HTML files for use on other web sites
  • Option to email results to players
  • Updateable Masterpoint database via an automatic or manual download
  • Option to print Movements Reports: Master Chart, Table Cards (optionally showing player names), Personal Movement Slips (optionally showing player names), Initial Starting Tables
  • Session consolidations: across-the-field, eclectics (individual or pair), standard Multi for pairs and teams, Multi-ladder, for matchpoint and imp-scored sessions
  • Handles multi-session barometers
  • Reports include - Player Frequency Report, showing most frequent players over a given time period, and Lost Player Report showing regular players whose haven't played recently
  • Calculates session median player rank (for determining masterpoint master factor)
  • All reports can be saved as PDF, Excel or Word file, or as display reports for use with a data projector
  • Supports WBF VP scale continuous (with decimals) for Teams and imp events, with other VP scales available. Pairs events can be scored as matchpoints-to-VPs
  • Template builder, allowing users to develop templates for any pairs or teams movement
  • Simplified substitute management for multis
  • Apply session / event penalties and adjustments

For tournament directors (these are all standard Compscore3 features which clubs can also use)

  • Many of the above features apply to tournament events too
  • Supports Swiss Pairs and Teams, Round Robin Teams and Barometer / Templated Pairs events
  • Butler, cross-imps and matchpoint scoring (uiincluding convertuing matchpoints to VPs), also Leaders' Butler
  • Quick names look-up from ABF database
  • Import scorer CSV exports from MyABF
  • Tournament event masterpointing - determine median player, congress acceleration factor, weighting and restriction factors, Pairs masterpointing on per-win or sessional basis
  • Transfer players between events, and feed players from qualifying event to finals based on qualifying result
  • Carry-forwards in Teams and Pairs events
  • Automatic and manual player seeding and category allocation
  • Drop-outs and drop-ins allowed in Pairs and Teams events
  • Supports traditional and McManus triangles for Swiss Teams with odd number of tables
  • Walk-in Swiss Pairs and Swiss/Round Robin Teams where players enter their numbers at their table
  • Results and Draws can be displayed using data projector and sent to other display PCs
  • Quick Post option to automate various end-of-round tasks (e.g. results, next draw, personal slips etc)
  • Detailed personal results summary per round or session, with option to print ready for guillotining and distribution based on next round seating
  • Whole reporting system allows for very transparent reporting
  • Concurrent Bridgemate sections, even when running Swiss movements, ideal for graded events
  • Pair Datums reporting for Teams events
  • Board-a-Match scoring in Teams
  • Display of slow tables / tables with results outstanding

Altosoft web sites for clubs

  • Template-based, but with personalisation to differentiate your site from other clubs
  • Results display tightly integrated with Compscore2 and Compscore3
  • Automatic and user-editable Breaking News on front page
  • Almost all facets of web site content are user-editable
  • Standard pages - Results, Coming Events, Session Times, Lessons, Calendar, Contact, Photos, Documents
  • Ability to upload user-generated PDFs and JPGs for display on site (e.g. newsletters, social pics)
  • Calendar with option to add events
  • Full tournament management facility via a password for managing tournament entries, and which are displayed for public viewing on the Coming Events page
  • Display of boards from either BRI, TXT or PBN files